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Freedom from tiring data entry

Your business needs your precious time, so do your children. Why waste it in manually writing transactions?

Just take pictures of invoices and bills on your phone, and done! Get error-free transaction records automatically; and magically.

Business data in your pocket

Your banks, chat, and even your friends are in your pocket. But why does your business data rot on a lonely desktop?

Don’t feel disabled, never! Make business decisions even on a Mumbai–Delhi flight.

Track your business in real-time

You closely watch news, track stocks, and follow Virushka. But, why can’t you track your business in real time?

With Utterwise, get a complete picture of your business at a glance. And yes, always updated.

Zero training required

Did you take a class to learn WhatsApp or went to culinary school for learning to cook Maggi? Then, why do you need training to operate a business app?

No accountant needed — Utterwise speaks business. It is as easy as 1-2-3; first time and everytime.

Insights to grow your business

Why should your small business be denied good advice? Why should only large businesses have access to good advice from CFOs?

Receive personalised insights from Utterwise to power your big ambitions.

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○ The Journey □

Making of Utterwise

Business owners have a strong desire to know how their business is doing, by the hour.

Circa 2017. To redefine the experience for millions of small businesses, the trio joined the quintessential accounting software of India.

They spent many months watching and talking with hundreds of businesses across India. The complex moiety of motivations, challenges, and massive unmet needs — all danced in front of their eyes.

While accounting software is used by mere 3% SMEs, CAs ghost-use for another 12% — mostly for compliance.

Using a legacy accounting software, business owners struggle to gain even a fuzzy understanding of their own business. Accounting software has lost its way — accountant friendly but business hostile.

Naturally, business decisions are made through the gut, and not data!

So, to keep track of their business, ironically, owners maintain separate transaction records.

Business owners have a strong desire to know and control their business. The clamor for a friendly software to run, track, and expand the business is growing.

Fall 2019. The trio, Dheeraj, Sanjay, and Ripul have discovered a potent set of unmet small business owners' problems, and a massive market. The time seemed right, the founders put their noses on the grindstone.

Solutions shaped over umpteen chais and meetings with potential customers. Today, Utterwise is hard at work in creating a product that empowers small businesses stay on a path of efficiency and productive growth.

As a baby step, Utterwise is making recording business transactions quick, painless, and deeply insightful.

○ plock □

Utterwise is hiring!

Love our story? We’d love to hear yours.

Utterwise is hiring developers — Android, Kotlin/Java, Computer Vision, Deep Learning; you get the picture.

When you reach out, narrate your unique story with a few examples of your recent work, learnings, triumphs, and struggles.